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50 Reasons I’ve Loved Sobriety for 50 Days!

Man alive, am I glad I didn’t cave into those pesky cravings on Thursday night (read my post about that here) because today, ladies and gentlemen, I am 50 WHOLE DAYS SOBER! WOOHOOO!

I can’t believe I’m over halfway through Sober Spring: I’m so bloody proud of myself.

A part of me wishes I could tell the me of this time last year that it’s going to get better. I want her to know that the pain goes away and the grass really is greener on the other side when it comes to alcohol and sobriety. Of course, I can’t do that. I know she needs to go through the pain to get to the happiness.

What I can do is write a list of all the reasons I’ve loved being sober for the past 50 days & hopefully it will help somebody out there who is look for reasons to give up the booze and/or put down the drugs.

Here’s 50 reasons I’ve loved sobriety for 50 days:

  1. Mornings have become beautiful again
  2. I’m less angry
  3. I laugh out loud and smile all the time – and it’s real
  4. I’ve lost a little weight (woo!)  
  5. I’ve saved some pennies
  6. I can focus more clearly
  7. Food tastes better
  8. Memories have come flooding back
  9. Sleep is actually peaceful again
  10. I can be in my own company and enjoy it
  11. Silence is no longer so scary (read my post Comfortable in Silence)
  12. I’ve fallen back in love with nature
  13. Weekends feel longer
  14. I’m in control
  15. My relationships in all areas have improved
  16. I feel excited for life
  17. I’ve learnt so much about the true nature of alcohol
  18. Discovered a whole new genre of literature: quit-lit
  19. Feel creatively inspired again
  20. No hangovers!
  21. Better at making decisions
  22. Realised my own strength and capability
  23. Proved I do have determination and resilience
  24. Deflating the long standing “Paige will be drunk” joke
  25. Reconnected with friends I’d let fall to the side lines
  26. Writing on this blog and connecting with amazing, like-minded people
  27. Not eating as much junk food (although I’m still a sucker for a bag of crisps)
  28. People have told me I’m “blossoming” and “glowing”
  29. No longer wake up with the dreaded beer fear
  30. Anxiety levels have dropped
  31. Feeling happy daily
  32. Started to write again
  33. Encouraged others to want to cut down on drinking
  34. Learning to listen and understand my body better
  35. Have time for yoga
  36. Began to mediate again
  37. Feel more spiritually connected
  38. Wake-up feeling positive
  39. Gratitude levels are through the roof
  40. Feel more confident in myself
  41. I have discovered a greater sense of compassion
  42. Had many scrumptious non-alcoholic drinks
  43. Did I mention NO HANGOVERS? It deserves two mentions, trust me
  44. I can touch my toes again!
  45. My eyes are brighter (which has some fancy science behind it this I can’t remember!)
  46. No terrifying blackouts
  47. No more obsessing over my heart rate (I was terrified of having a heart attack)
  48. Seeing beauty in everyday things
  49. Feeling a whole range of emotions which is sometimes scary, but mainly wonderful
  50. Making it to milestones like 50 days and feeling INCREDIBLY proud

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