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A sober adventure

Yesterday was a beautiful day; a real sober adventure.

Me and my long-standing partner in crime, my best friend of 21 years, had a day out to celebrate her 27th birthday. How my best friend is 27 and I’m not far behind I’ll never know, but what I do know is that for a very long time we’ve been planning a day like yesterday and never before has it come to fruition.

To elaborate, we have planned many sober days over the years but have always ended up drinking. We’ve been drinking partners since we were 14 (bloody hell) and breaking the long-standing tradition of getting legless together has always proven harder than anticipated. My sober sprints have never aligned with a time we can meet up, so I’ll admit that I’ve always been happy to instigate the hedonistic chaos or give into it without a fight.

Yesterday, that changed! We stayed sober all day and you know what? It was bloody brilliant. We stopped at a rooftop bar for mocktails in the sun before hopping on a ferry to New Brighton to stroll the streets and marvel at the gorgeous artwork.

We went to the beach and found shells which we washed the ocean before climbing along rocks in the same way we did when we kids before stopping on a bench to laugh and scare ourselves silly about growing old, not having life figured out and all the other existential crisis that plague us in our twenties (and beyond).

Afterwards, we grabbed food at a pizzeria and tried a very interesting non-alcoholic cola-like drink. I felt particularly proud in that moment as I knew this particularly pizzeria sold Red Peroni, possibly my favourite ever beer, but I did not cave because I had the support of my wonderful best friend.

On the train home, I listened to a drunk girl swing between overly sweet and overly aggressive, recognising myself in her inability to control her emotions, and thanked the universe that I was sober. When I snuggled up in bed I smiled, happy that after all this time we finally made it on a sober adventure.

My mini-break to Ireland which was due to go ahead on Thursday. Amid the tighter restrictions and growing concern, it seems silly to take the risk.

So, now that I have an amazing sober adventure under my belt and the holiday I was nervous would be alcohol-drenched is being tabled, this feels like the perfect place to start the next stage in my new sober life: I’m ready to start the clock on my six-month sober challenge. I had SO much fun yesterday, it really is the most wonderful place to mark a new day one.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my wonderful best friend for helping me to get back to this place. I really am unbelievably excited for this new challenge and all the beauty just waiting to be celebrated and discovered in this new chapter of sobriety.

P.s I’m the the red head to the left and my beautiful best friend is to the right 💜

6 thoughts on “A sober adventure

  1. Amazing post, full of positives and a wonderful future for you. Lovely photos … two very pretty ‘young’ girls. I’m jealous you are addressing this at your tender age, I wish I had. So much to look forward to Paige. Good for you xxx

    1. Thank you; I hope you’re right about the wonderful future! I’m very glad to be addressing it now too, I’ve not yet read or heard anyone say they wish they’d of drank for longer which definitely serves as motivation. 😊💜

  2. Awwww, you two are adorable! It is SO good you are doing this for yourself now. At 27 I was drinking like a fish with my first husband, unable to see how unhealthy my habits or my relationship was, dragging myself through torturous days at a soulless office job. At 38 I consider myself at least a little more enlightened, but still no idea what I want to do with my life HA. This sober break is a good step though, but still on week 1 here.

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