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Book Review: Bryony Gordon’s Glorious Rock Bottom

Disclosure: this post contains an affiliate link meaning I earn a small commission if you purchase the book, at no extra cost to you. However, I am 100% committed to providing the best for my lovely audience thus, I only recommend books I have read and loved.

Ever since I was a kid, there are few things I’ve loved more than snuggling down with a good book and disconnecting from reality. Books have been my escape, my passion and my academic focus. Thus, it makes sense that I would seek solace and safety in the world of quit-lit when I decide to embark upon my sober journey.

Since the beginning of the year, I have thrown myself whole-heartedly into the quit-lit genre, consuming their contents insatiably. Some have made me laugh, others have made my cry. Some have shocked me to my core and others have given me a strong foundation of knowledge to build my sobriety on. However, there are only a few that have touched my soul and Bryony Gordon’s memoir Glorious Rock Bottom is one of those rare few.

But what I did know was that if I didn’t at least try I was going to cease to exist in any meaningful way.”

From the moment I open to the first page, I connected with Gordon. Her easy prose and friendly tone drew me in until I felt I was there with her in the moments bravely explored. I felt her pain and understood the feeling of being lost in oneself. I laughed at her witty remarks and smiled when she found moments of joy. I recognised so much of my own behaviour in Gordon’s that I was taken aback but also soothed. It assured me I wasn’t alone.

“It was only now that I could see the very fine line that existed between coming home from a night out safely, and not coming home at all.” 

If there were only two reasons I could give you to read this book it would be these:

  • It is absolutely, unwaveringly honest
  • It offers hope

“You didn’t have to always be happy. You just had to live.”

 I cannot recommend this book enough.

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