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Dogs are AWESOME!

Can we please take a moment to appreciate how amazing dogs are? Dogs are AWESOME! That needs to be shouted from the rooftops until our throats are dry. Why? Because it’s the bloody truth.

J & I have been looking after my Dad’s dog Huckleberry for a while now. (I would like to make it clear here that I had no say in the choosing of his name, although I must admit that it has grown on me as time has passed.) Ever since Huckleberry arrived at our flat, all waggy-tailed and puppy-eyed, he has brought us SO MUCH JOY. Every single day he makes us laugh, feel loved, and talk in peculiar baby voices as we tell him how cute he is for the hundredth time.

When we are out on walks, people smile at us and our four-legged friend. Some people even stop for a socially distanced chat, asking his age and telling us facts about their doggo. It’s amazing! I love that. It gives me a sense of community that city life rarely provides.

Back when I was at the height of my partying lifestyle and hating myself the most, I would occasionally ask my Dad if I could have Huckleberry for the weekend. I did this because I knew that having the responsibility of a dog to walk gave me a great excuse to swerve a night out and keep me sober. I also knew that warm cuddles with my hound would cheer me up no end, helping to keep the dark clouds at bay. If that sounds desperate, it’s because I was.

I’m so incredibly grateful to have Huckleberry temporarily living with us, (we call our place his holiday home) and to be doing sober spring. So, this post is dedicated to my number one furry friend; my beautiful goofy boy and all his doggy compadres!

4 thoughts on “Dogs are AWESOME!

  1. I agree, dogs (and furry pets, to be fair) are just the loveliest. They create micro-communities, like you mentioned, and are just SO GOOD for mental health. We the “early sober”folks need as much mental health bolstering as we can get! Glad your dad is able to spare Huckleberry for you for a while!

  2. I really really really want a dog. I’m desperate but my husband says no. I think I’ll be working from home more now and so I’m seriously considering it. 2021 will be my year of the dog!!

    1. Not that I am promoting unhealthy behaviors in a marriage, but you should definitely just come home with one 😉 Just joking – but dog’s certainly bring so much joy. I hope you can get one in 2021 (I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!) 💜

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