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Finding New Highs

Wow – I haven’t posted on here is a while! In part, it’s because I’m still trying to fully nail this teetotal forever business, but that’s okay. I’m continuing to take steps in the right direction and I’m feeling really good about it! I no longer dive blindly into chaos but take a moment to consider if the decision I make will make a happy or not and I think that’s something to be bloody proud of!

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about is finding new highs as I continue to shoot for sustained sobriety. I cannot believe what I’m about to write next, but I’ve taken to running! I’ve always, always detested running but things seem to have changed. I even own a snazzy pair of running trainers for the first time in my adult life.

It all started when my boss kind of (absolutely) forced me into signing up to do a half marathon fundraiser. Seeing no way out, I decided to drag my poor brother into the mix – misery loves company! After realising we had just over a month to attempt to train (I know, right) I re-joined the gym and began hating the treadmill all over again. It turns out that I really am just not a gym person. I don’t get any thrill from it, and we all know I love my thrills.

Then, everything changed when I finally plucked up the courage to run in the park. Out in the open, sweaty faced and all. For the first time, I understood why people enjoyed running! It wasn’t easy but it was damn sight nicer running in the fresh air than the god-awful gym. When I was done, I experience my first runners high – I felt great! It was another thing to add to the list of achievements this year.

I don’t know how the half marathon will do; there is a very strong chance it will go terribly. But that’s also okay because I am learning, trying and continuing to move forward in my new life; my life beyond hedonism.

6 thoughts on “Finding New Highs

  1. Running can be such a buzz. I went twice this week after a really long break and it was bloody hard work but I felt great afterwards. Those runners are gorgeous. I totally love the colour and asics eh? Very professional. Good luck. I only ever ran a half one and swore never again 😂😂

  2. I get a very noticeable buzz from working out. Hate running tho! I read something once about getting healthier that stuck with me for years – it’s not about all of a sudden cutting out everything that’s bad for you, it’s ADDING in good stuff a little bit at a time until there is less room for the bad stuff.

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