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Hagrid is a Booze Hound

After over ten years away, I recently decided to return to the wonderful world of witches and wizards. As I child, I would escape to Hogwarts so often it began to feel like my second home.

When I recently sunk back into Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I was thrilled to find that the trials and tribulation of adulthood had not caused the book to lose its magic. Just like my younger self, I became engrossed in the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione.

However, I stopped dead in my imaginary world’s tracks when I read of Hagrid breaking down in tears while vowing that he will “never drink again”. For context sake, I should explain that this all too familiar declaration of abstinence comes as a result of the 8ft 6-inch giant nearly having his three favourite students accidentally killed after he drunkenly reveals a Hogwarts secret. It seems that even the wizarding world couldn’t escape the wicked ways of alcohol…

Us mere Muggles barely stood a chance!  

During these uncertain times, it can be comforting to return to old pleasures. For many of us, alcohol can disguise itself as just that. However, despite what the booze may try to whisper in our ears, it often causes more damage than comfort. If we can take anything from Hagrid’s hangover from hell, it’s that indulging is not worth the pain.

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