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Time for a new chapter: I’m moving!

I haven’t posted for a while, but I’ve been busy with bits and bats, mainly packing for the move from Manchester to Penwortham this Friday! Yay!

When we moved to the current flat, we were not long back from living in Australia and I was still in full-blown party mode. The first night in our new home we had people round; a beer got spilt on the cream carpet within the first hour, I got absolutely spangled and woke up the next day after next to no sleep with a killer hangover. That pretty much set the precedence for the next two years.

This flat became the weekend watering-hole with people often arriving Friday and not leaving until late Sunday. But as time went on, everyone began to learn the art of moderation, an art that totally eclipsed me as my “partying” stepped up a notch. Before I knew it, I was heading down a dark path and growing increasingly afraid of my own behaviour. I was beginning to shatter.

It was in this same flat that I picked the pieces of myself up and rebuilt myself. I’ve spent many a night sitting at this desk writing sober diary experts or curled up on the sofa reading quit lit. I’ve bought and drunk my first AF beers here, learnt how to cook, finished a masters dissertation, survived a pandemic and so much more!

It makes me smile no end knowing I am leaving this place a different person than the one I was when I moved in; a much more stable one who doesn’t fly off the handle every weekend, who is living her values and is excited about the future.

This is a new chapter in the life of Paige, and I have a feeling it’s going to be brighter and more beautiful than the last.

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