its the little things in sobriety
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It’s the little things in sobriety

I found this little gem I wrote back in July when I was loving life and sobriety. I wanted to share it today as it made me smile and remember why this journey is so important to me. May it inspire you to keep on keeping on,


It’s the little things in sobriety that make me happy. Like the smell of coffee in the morning or listening to the birds’ tweeting away. It’s the whip of the cool breeze on a long walk and the sudden bursts of creativity. Its finding new books to read and actually reading them or singing along to songs in the shower. It’s when J tells me how much of a positive difference he can see in me or when my longest-standing friend tells me she’s proud.

It’s the little things in sobriety that make me smile, like remembering the day and feeling grateful to have lived it. It’s cuddles with my doggy and stretching it out with yoga. It’s feeling the flow of my breath as I meditate and the flicker of the candles I light.

It’s the big things in sobriety too, like being a better girlfriend, sister, daughter, human. It’s finally feeling like I have direction and working hard to reach my goals. It’s gaining back my self-respect and trusting myself. It’s re-centring my soul and feeling a deep connection with something more.

It’s the little things in sobriety. It’s the big things too. I guess, really, It’s EVERYTHING in sobriety.  

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