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I’ve Completed Sober Spring!

Please sound the trumpets and start the parade because today, ladies and gentlemen, marks 93 days sober! I did it; I completed Sober Spring. Woohoo! I know technically I should wait until I’ve spent the whole day sober to make that announcement but sod it; I am hangover free; I am happy, and I am proud.

When I think back to who I was before these three months, I’m astounded at the progress I’ve made and the things I’ve achieved. I can say with absolute certainty I haven’t wasted lockdown because:

  • I’ve completed Sober Spring – my first ever 3-month sober challenge
  • I completed my Master’s degree
  • I finished a 30-day yoga course (it took me way longer than 30 days, but I did it!)
  • I completed a blogging course
  • I started this self-hosted website having never done it before (thank you very much for reading it) & found a wonderful sober community
  • I created a sober Instagram & have connected with some amazing people
  • I’ve rearranged my entire flat and decorated it to finally look like a home
  • I’ve started cycling which is now one of my favourite pass times
  • I’ve found a peace and happiness I thought I could never have
  • I’ve made some exciting decisions about my future (I’ll wait until they’re in fruition to share these)

Ultimately, I’ve taken back control of my life.

The world feels full of possibilities again and I have no doubt that’s because I’m no longer to blitzed or hungover to see them.  

In my post Sober Spring: Seven Days to Go, I wrote about the fear of my sober journey having aligned with lockdown. My concern was that I haven’t been in a social situation that would challenge me, such as going to the pub post work. However, having listened to the recent episode of A Sober Girls Guide Podcast, I’ve realised that is a good thing. I’ve had the dedicated time to develop my sobriety, educate myself and create my sober toolbox.

This journey has been AMAZING. I will forever be grateful that I took the leap of faith and made this decision for myself. I was scared that sobriety would be dull but in reality, it’s lit up life my in a thousand ways.

So, what’s next? I’m going for the big 100 days baby! A lovely round number in the double digits…

If anyone is reading this and is considering trying sobriety for the short or long term, my advice is to do it! I promise you, there is more to gain than to lose. Take a look through my blog for advice and insight into what 3 months booze-free looks like and contact me if you want to discuss anything! Also explore other people’s blogs. There are so many wonderful, inspiring people out there who are sharing their experiences. Don’t be afraid to dive in.

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  1. Congratulations! Being sober, completing your Masters. You are on fire. You have done so many things. Keep up the momentum or have a well earned break.

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