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I’ve survived my first sober party!

Last night, J and I went to a garden party where there were more than a few types of inebriation on offer. But you know what? I STAYED SOBER, WOOHOO! Pop the nonsecco and fire the cannons, I’ve finally done it. I’ve survived my first sober party.

The party 

I was pretty nervous before going. I wouldn’t know most people and those I did know knew me as the go-all-night type guest. When we arrived, it took me a little time to warm up. Not turning up already buzzed meant I didn’t come loaded with false confidence, so I had to give myself time to adjust and settle into the moment.

However, before I knew it, I was laughing and joking with strangers and I realised I was having a good time. Not I’d artificially forced my serotonin and dopamine through the roof good time but an actual real good time. Wow.

The wonderful hostess told me how proud she was of my being on this sober journey. Others who clocked onto my boozeless drinks sung praises for my decision. I’d come mentally armed ready for battle against sneering people telling me I’m boring, but it turns out those sneers are purely in my head. People don’t care if you’re not drinking, who knew?

One thing I did notice was my social batteries ran out pretty quickly. After just over 3 hours I was ready to go. J being the wonderful human he is, kindly obliged and booked us a taxi. Once home, he told me I’d done amazing and for the second time that evening, I was told somebody was proud of me.

I have to admit, I thought I’d feel a real sense of glee at my success but I was so tired by the time I was home I barely felt anything but a longing for a cuddle with doggo and bed.

The morning after 

I may have been short on glee last night but man alive, am I feeling it today! Waking up fresh, knowing I stuck to my sober game plan and I survived my first sober party has me well and truly floating on the pink cloud. It feels amazing to prove to myself I can do these things and gives me hope about what else I can achieve.

A little thank you

To everyone who offered their support pre-party, both online and offline, thank you. Your belief in me was the fuel to my determination. Everyone success I have on this journey is a tribute to you too. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “I’ve survived my first sober party!

  1. Huge congratulations. Seriously, it’s a big step surviving social occasions (especially parties) sober and YOU DID IT! Awesome job. I think your batteries run out sooner because it’s harder work than when drinking. There is no getting away from that. Socialising can be tough, that’s why so many need drink to do it. Plus time passes more quickly when you drink. You don’t notice it. When you are on the AF train, you chug through an evening. Pleasant but an hour for you is way longer than an hour for someone swigging at the vino. I am always ready to leave at 11pm. My husband is delighted because he generally likes to leave early and has to force me home. 😂😂 I’m delighted you feel great today. You deserve to feel great 😊 xxx

    1. Thank you! My partner is similar to your husband in that he’s glad I actually want to get home instead of partying all night. 😅 I have to admit, it felt a bit funny leaving early(ish) but it felt amazing once I was snug in my pjays! xx

      1. It feels odd because it’s so alien to us but loads of people go early, I was just always too pissed to notice 🙈
        That is the loveliest feeling, cuppa and PJs knowing you’ll feel fine in the morning xx

    1. Thank you! You’re right about it being normal to tire easy, I think I just need to bare that in mind going forward and make sure I don’t over commit myself & give myself time to re-charge 😊

  2. Way to go! I recently survived my first high school class gathering ( there were just 8 of us and we social distanced around a bonfire ) but the feeling of empowerment as I left that gathering, sober was thrilling!

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