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Let Forgiveness Grow Like Wildflowers in Your Soul

When I was drinking, I was so far from being the best version of myself it was breaking my heart. I was often selfish, entitled, vicious with my words, and short with my love. Drinking could bring out an ugly me, one that I hated, and I hope I never have to meet again. I’ve spent many hungover mornings beating myself up for allowing that version of me to exist, and a fair few sober ones too.

Sobriety has taught me that beating myself up doesn’t change anything. It just makes me suffer more, which makes those around me suffer more. 

There are many things I’ve done and said that I wish I could take back, but constantly making myself feel bad and casting myself as a villain doesn’t help. What does help is forgiving myself, allowing myself room to grow in that forgiveness, and becoming the best version of myself for both me and my loved ones.

It took me a while to learn that you need to forgive yourself in order to grow. Now I understand that it is so important to building yourself a stable, beautiful future. Harbouring resentment of any kind is poison: it destroys things.

So, let forgiveness grow like wildflowers in your soul. Let it soothe you and your relationships. Let it shine through in your actions and add glow to your words.

You’ve got this.

8 thoughts on “Let Forgiveness Grow Like Wildflowers in Your Soul

  1. The biggest realisation I have had through sobriety is the absolutely joy of kindness. Kindness to yourself and others. That includes forgiveness. It brings such a relief to think kind thoughts and act in kind ways. Letting go of the bitterness and resentment … which stops us berating ourselves over and over … is such a huge step. These are really motivating words and great insights. Thanks 😊 xx

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