Mondays are for kicking ass
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Mondays are for… Kicking Ass!

I’m enjoying this “[days] are for” theme so I’m going to stick with it for the week. I want to post every day this week because it keeps me motivated, accountable and helps temporarily quieten my forever racing mind.

So, Mondays are for kicking ass and today, I’m proud to say I have done exactly that!

I woke up feeling horribly anxious after having had nightmares all night (a problem I’ve had since I was about 14). However, I was determined to start the week off right, so I put my earphones in, started work early and smashed it out of the park. I got all but one thing crossed off my to-do list. That never happens on a Monday, especially as it’s the busiest day for customers calling in!

When I finished work, I threw on my exercise clothes and jumped on the mat for a beautiful 30-minute yoga session that helped me stretch out and feel grounded. I followed yoga up with a 5k run in the rain and bloody loved it! Like I wrote in Finding New Highs, I had no idea I loved running until recently. Today is the first day I braved running in wet weather and I am so glad I did! I felt so ALIVE!

Starting the week right makes so much difference. Last Monday I did absolutely nothing productive at all. It was a bank holiday and I was still feeling rough from my bender. I think the most I moved was from my bed to the door to answer the takeaway delivery man. Oh dear, it was not kick-ass at all.

What’s the difference between this week and last? I didn’t waste my weekend wasted!

Onwards and upwards my good people. Onwards and upwards!

4 thoughts on “Mondays are for… Kicking Ass!

  1. Just yes yes yes to this post. I LOVE it. Mondays are indeed for Kicking Ass. Days like that are brilliant and I am now motivated to do a yoga session followed by a run. Keep these posts coming. They are really uplifting ❤️💜💕

    1. I work in travel & events 😊 totally agree with you. I find it becomes of vicious cycle of feeling to hungover to get anything done then beating myself up because nothing is done!

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