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My 1 Month Soberversay!

I’m one month into sober spring – woohoo! It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent more of this year sober than intoxicated. The party girl in me is in a full huff, sulking in her sequin skirt. The new me, the one that actually sleeps and eats regular meals, mediates, enjoys yoga, and is generally less of a d*ckhead thinks: screw the party girl; let her sulk away. We’re too busy enjoying life to care!

This month may have been very topsy-turvey, to say the least, and yet I’ve never felt more in alignment with myself. Here’s why:

I feel real emotions!

Now that they’re not drowning in booze, my emotions have come back to life and I’ve felt them deeper than I have done in years. Sometimes that’s been scary, but mostly it’s been wonderful.

I listen to my body

When I was a non-stop party fiend, I could never quite put my finger on all the different aches and pains I often felt. I was never hydrated, treated sleep as optional, and often went days without eating. I’ve finally learnt to slow down and listen to my body, while remember to give it regular watering, food and rest. Imagine that!

I write again

Writing has always been my passion. As a kid, if I didn’t have my head in a storybook, I’d be writing away until my hand hurt. I continued writing on and off for most of my adult life but last year I stopped being able to find the words, save for a few paragraphs of self-hatred ramblings. I’m so glad to be writing again; it’s my therapy.

I am grateful every day

My gratitude for life temporarily got lost in the jumble of empty wine bottles and beer cans. While recycling all those bottles and cans, I stumbled upon my gratitude and have held it tight ever since. Gratitude adds an extra warm glow to my days, I don’t ever want to lose sight of it again.

My life was very small when I was a party girl; when I decided to take that person off and slip into sobriety, my life began to grow. I’ve said it before and I will say it again: it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it!

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