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My sober weekend game-plan

This morning I’ve awoken with a huge smile on my face! I have sneaking suspicion it’s because tonight I plan to stay snuggled up with J and Huckleberry, watching Netflix and sipping peppermint. Ahh, bliss….


As you may know, it’s Fridays that have been my boozy day since sober spring. I’ve merrily joined in social drinking only to a feel the aftermath of it for the remainder of the weekend (read tiredness, unmotivated, anxious, unhappy). Well, not this weekend baby! I turned down a party tonight because I am putting my sobriety first and you know what? That’s okay! It’s been a long working week and I’m excited to relax into doing nothing.


On Saturday, I am attending a dear friend’s birthday celebration. At first, I toyed with the idea of not going but I know that I’m a social butterfly and choosing sobriety doesn’t mean I have to cut off my wings. If I allow myself to become a hermit, I’ll become unhappy. If I’m unhappy, the pesky wine witch might try to convince me that happiness is in a sweet bottle of rose. I’ll know she’s lying, but better off not giving her the platform to speak!

In preparation for Saturday where everyone else will likely be saturated in booze, I have a game plan. I am very much known in the crowd I’ll be joining as Party Paige; the don’t-stop-until-you-drop type gal. Here’s my first sober party game plan:

  • I’ve pre-warned the hostess I am not drinking
  • I’ve got some lovely AF drinks to take with me
  • I’ve told J I’ll likely need his support to stay strong
  • We’ve agreed on an arrive-early-leave-early tactic
  • We have the very true “must get home for the dog” well-rehearsed if we’re challenged  

Phew. That’s a lot of forward-planning but I know that it will get easier with time!  


If all goes well Saturday, I’ll be waking up fresh as a daily on Sunday! I don’t have any particular plans other than a long stroll with doggo, reading, a bit of life admin and maybe a bike ride. Plus, if I stick to my sober guns Saturday, I’ll treat myself to a little well-done-me present – just need to choose something now…

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  

6 thoughts on “My sober weekend game-plan

  1. Fantastic game plan Paige. I love your comment about being a social butterfly and not having to have your wings clipped. It’s a fine balance. I think taking drinks you like and being ready to leave early is the winner. Once people start getting seriously sloshed the it’s time to skidaddle. Have fun xxx

  2. Such a good idea to have a solid plan! We are about to leave for a weekend away with the kids and I have no plan, besides “try not to drink too much”…. which is a really awful plan! My sobriety “start date” is still over a month away so I am “allowed”, but I also don’t want to feel like crap at any point this weekend…. or ever, really. We will see how it goes. It feels safe because we are bringing no booze with, so if I have a couple at a brewery, then go to our cabin to sleep (with no more beer available), I will be fine.

    1. Thank you – it’s the first time I’ve had a plan in place so fingers crossed it works! Best for luck on your family vacation, I hope the only drinking a little works & not having booze is should help! Just remember that if you do drink more than you intended to not be too hard on yourself. Reducing our alcohol intake a little, or completely, is a journey 😊xx

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