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No-Booze November: Who’s in?

It’s a fresh day, a fresh month and a fresh chance to go alcohol-free with No-Booze November. I for one am super excited about going booze-free this month. England has been placed back into lockdown thus it feels like the perfect time to pull up my sober socks and getting to work on myself again while there are no tempting distractions.

My Sober October didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned. I had a couple of, ahem, hedonistic moments that took me off track. But you know what? That’s okay because if there is one thing I’ve learnt in the ten months of this sober curious journey, it’s that all sober time counts! There is no starting from scratch because no matter how far off the wagon you fell (and I’d like to say I only tiptoed off this time) you always have all the wonderful knowledge and skills you’ve accumulated to help you back up again.

From tomorrow, I’m on reduced working hours which means I have more time to focus on Life Beyond Hedonism and kicking my butt into shape. I’ll be posting daily updates to here and the LFB Instagram account and scouring the world wide web for exciting new quit-lit reads, sober-inspiration and tools to try.

Are you joining in No Booze November? If so, let me know below and what fabulous things you’ll be doing to help you through!

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4 thoughts on “No-Booze November: Who’s in?

  1. Yes, for the most part! I reserve the right to drink on election day and then quitting shortly after (as soon as the beer is gone, probably…) I am planning to get some crafty things going for x-mas with the kids, plan workouts with my friends during the shorter daylight hours, go to bed early, and get going on my career exploration. Not to mention all the house projects that never seem to get started when I am hung over on Sundays :-/

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