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Productive Sober Sundays

I love productive sober Sundays; I love ending the weekend with a sense of achievement knowing that I am ready for the working week ahead. It’s such a welcome change from spending the entire day deathly hungover and dreading Monday like a looming prison sentence.

Today I enjoyed a lovely long walk with Huckleberry & J, did a big food shop, cleaned the flat, ordered bubble wrap ready for the move, finally sewed up the hole in my favourite pjay bottoms, made a pasta-bake, made time for a relaxing facemask and best of all, washed and dried the bedding so I can slip into cosy clean sheets tonight.

When I compare this to the weekends of Party-girl-Paige, the difference is laughable. On Friday I’d of started drinking as soon as the workday finished, probably of “called it a night” when the birds started tweeting, slept most of Saturday, desperately tried to recover on Sunday and stumbled into Monday exhausted, disappointed and unprepared to deal with the day’s demands. Phew, it’s tiring even thinking about it.

It truly makes me proud to know I’ve spent the vast majority of this year’s weekends fresh, happy and hangover-free. Life is so much more fulfilling when spent beyond hedonism

How was your Sunday?

Much love,


8 thoughts on “Productive Sober Sundays

  1. You should be proud Paige, it’s fabulous to give yourself the gift of sober weekends. I am definitely going to do the face mask/eye mask thing tomorrow. I bought some a while back and they are still in my drawer. Thanks for reminding me xxx

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