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Quit Lit: Reading Myself Sober

Today my partner said to me “you’re loving these sober books aren’t you” as I read yet another quote to him. He is right. Since I decided to start my sober journey at the beginning of this year, I have read the Quit-Lit genre with an insatiable appetite.

My reading habits have intensified even further this past week after submitting my final dissertation for my Masters in Contemporary Literature, Film & Theory – wooo! Throughout 2019 I was working full time, studying full time, and partying full time which left very little room for much else. Now, with my Masters complete, my job on reduced hours, and my commitment to Sober Spring, it feels as though I have nothing but time thus I have filled it with what I love best: reading.

Catherine Gray wrote in her book The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober (read my gushing compliments about the book here) that she “read [herself] sober” and I totally plan to do the same. While I may have lived the hedonistic life of a wild party girl for most of my drunken youth, I am a geek at heart. I firmly believe that knowledge is power thus I will arm myself with as much of it as possible to help me stay committed to this 93-day sober challenge.

I’ve already learnt so much about alcohol that I didn’t know. It’s truly eye opening…

I’m currently putting together mini-reviews of the books I have read so far and will share them with you in the Book Worm section of my blog soon.

Do you have any quit-lit books that have helped you or that you just simply love? If so, I’d love to know!

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  1. Total getting sober literature addict. Eventually I found I had to move on from that little addiction. Really helped me get through the first 3 months though. Keep reading x

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