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Seven Things I’ve Learnt in Seventy Days Sober

Today ladies and gents, I am seventy days sober! That’s seventy days without a hangover, feeling clear-headed, and EXCITED for life. It’s such a wonderful feeling to be excited for life again, instead of wasting day after day worrying about what I may have done, or said, while blackout drunk. There is no joy quite like remember your life and knowing you’re not being a d*ck (well, at least not intentionally).

Before I understood that sobriety is a lifestyle, a lifestyle that was available to me, I would tell anyone who would listen when I made it through a whole weekend sober. To me, that was huge. So, to be seventy days sober is a milestone for me and it feels bloody fantastic.

 To celebrate, I’ve made a list (I love lists!) of seven things I’ve learnt in seventy days sober:

Sobriety gives everything alcohol promised.

I’ve seen this little quote everywhere on Instagram lately and it’s so bloody true! I’m happier, more confident, relaxed, and sleep better in sobriety!

The sober community is wonderful.

I wrote about this a while back, (you can read my post here) but I remain astounded at how kind, generous, and caring the people in the sober community are.

People like the sober me.

Having been the go-to-party-girl for so long, I figured people preferred me that way. Turns out, people like sober Paige more! It probably helps that I finally like myself too.

Cravings get easier to manage.

This is so important to know if you’re just starting! At first, I found myself constantly romanticising a glass of rosé . Now, I’m pretty damn happy with my peppermint tea.

Writing is cathartic.

Okay, so I’ve always known this, but since going sober writing both online and in private has helped me immensely. It’s also nice to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come.

Life grows immensely.

Pretty much every area of my life has blossomed in sobriety, from relationships, my mental well-being, my physical health, my creativity, to my overall happiness.

There are clear skies above the clouds.

I used to let one negative moment ruin an entire day. I finally understand that even in the darkest moments, you can rise above and find peace.

There are so many things I’ve learnt in seventy days of sobriety that it’s hard to stop at just seven! However, the number feels fitting for the day so I’ll leave it there. I’d love to know what you’ve learnt in your sober journey so please do leave your comments below.

5 thoughts on “Seven Things I’ve Learnt in Seventy Days Sober

  1. Congratulations on being 70 days sober. That’s just brilliant. Keep it up.
    Pomegranate tea is my go to drink.
    The cravings will subside. My problem though, almost a year and a half sober now, is the substituting of the cravings for something sweet.
    The sober community is quite special. Encouraging, kind and honesty flows. It’s just what we need.
    Writing is helpful either privately or here. Absolutely.
    Doing something active too maybe something new that you haven’t done before.
    I like what you wrote “Sobriety gives everything alcohol promised.” It sure does.

  2. Huge congrats to you Paige. 70 days is awesome. I love reading your seven things … it’s so good to be reminded of how much of a positive impact sobriety has on our lives. I’m with limetwiste, I have substituted for sweet things and now I have to break that habit! Liking ourselves more is the crux to much of this I think. I could never like myself when I was a drinker. Even when I had a few days off, it was always with me, bringing me down. I’ve learnt to really like who I am and be ok with me. No regrets and no punishment. For me that’s the best thing I’ve learnt to do. Xxx

    1. I think drinking really does turn people against themselves – myself included! Like you, I just couldn’t get along with myself when I was drinking. I’m so glad you’ve found peace with yourself and learnt to like yourself. I may only know you in the virtual world, but I like you very much! Your comments always give me smile 🙂 xx

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