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Hello beautiful people!

Wow: today was a bloody struggle. Work had me close to breaking point with waves of angry customers coming at me from all directions. I know I shouldn’t complain, and I am very grateful to have a stable job during these difficult times, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious of my colleagues on furlough today!

However, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. In fact, I’ve ended up feeling pretty damn good. Here’s why…

Once the working day was (finally) done, I slouched on the couch feeling ever so sorry for myself. I debated on and off whether to the yoga or not before eventually forcing myself off the couch and on to that mat. Man alive, am I glad I did! Turns out today’s session was ‘Heal’ which was all about letting go of anything that isn’t serving you, in my case all the negative emotions carried over from work, and replacing them with some serious self-love healing. It was beautiful; there was even a blanket and pillow involved. Ahhhh bliss.

Once the practice was over, I ran myself a bath. As I slipped into the piping hot water, I was freakin’ over the moon to see that the bubbles had congregated to create a LOVE HEART! I kid you not. Skeptics, see photo for proof. How amazing is that? If that’s not a sign from the universe to remember to be kind to myself, others, and everything will be okay, I don’t know what is.

All cosy in my fluffy dressing gown, it struck me how much better I am able to deal with my emotions these days. Only a few months back I’d of used a stressful day like today as an excuse to drink myself into oblivion, determined to numb any feelings out. Tomorrow would have come with a splitting hangover and a side order of self-loathing. Oh, and I’d still have to deal with the angry customers.

Thank goodness that is no longer the case! Instead, I acknowledged my feelings and used my new sober toolkit to deal with them in a much healthier way. Do I sound smug? I can’t lie, I do feel it!

I hope that all of you lovely people are doing well. Stay safe x  

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