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Sobriety is a Lifestyle

When I first decided to try out sobriety, I assumed that my life would simply be different in that I would now order a glass of lemonade instead of a beer. I knew I’d probably swerve certain places and events, and hopefully save some pennies along the way. What I didn’t know was how completely and utterly the decision to go alcohol-free would change my life. I didn’t know it then, but I know now: sobriety is a lifestyle.

What do I mean when I say sobriety is a lifestyle?

I mean that sobriety is so much more than simply giving up alcohol. It is a way of consciously being present in your life and building yourself a solid foundation upon which you can grow. Sobriety, while meaning abstaining, also means to be clear-headed. So, to me, sobriety as a lifestyle means using that clear-headedness to creating purpose and direction in your life.

Like any lifestyle choice, sobriety takes dedication and work.

Choosing sobriety is FANTASTIC, but it doesn’t stop there. You need to work on your sobriety, deal with pesky cravings, (see post about dealing with cravings here) battle your addictive voice (if you have one), re-evaluate some of the thinking you may hold drinking, (such as you need alcohol to have fun) and put your sobriety into practice each day.

How do I build and maintain this lifestyle? 

The beauty is you get to choose how you create your sober lifestyle! With the clear-headedness and newly available time that going alcohol-free creates, you have space to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you. For me, it’s important to immerse myself in the sober community and read quit-lit to keep me engaged and motivated. I also find that mediation, yoga and peppermint tea are part of my sober essentials tool-kit, as is eating healthy. 

There are so many amazing recourses out that there that can aid you in your sober journey so don’t be afraid to get stuck in with some good old fashion research. The result: the tools and knowledge to create, live and love a wonderful sober lifestyle, whatever that means to you!

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