sobriety is about more than not drinking
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Sobriety is about more than not drinking

For me, sobriety is about more than not drinking.

It started in utter exhaustion and fear of feeding the daemons in my mind any longer. It was recognising the worry and my closest companions’ voices and being determined to not hurt them anymore.

With time, sobriety became about completely reinventing my relationship with myself, making room for dedicated self-care and love. It was making time for the simplest task, like eating healthy, hearty meals and taking my make-up off before bed.

Soon after, sobriety evolved further, and it became about reconnecting with my long-neglected spiritual side. It became about yoga, meditation, gratitude and finding beauty in forgotten places like the smell of my morning coffee and long walks in the park.

Now, sobriety is about maintaining what I have learnt and the life I have found. It’s about putting my sober toolkit into practice daily and not allowing my addictive voice to take over, try as it may. It’s about being so proud of how far I’ve come and not ceasing to forget where I was, especially when the wine-witch comes calling. It’s about looking inwards for my happiness and looking outwards for ways to share it. It’s about being excited for the future and all the wonderful possibilities it holds

Sobriety is about so much more than not drinking, it’s about living.

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  1. So true Paige. I often found it difficult to respond when people ask me “why?” in a very shocked manner. Now I reply, and I really mean it, “because I’m happier and I’m living my life, so why not?”. Xx

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