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Space for Compassion

I recently came across the phrase “space for compassion” and it struck a chord with me. It’s such a beautiful phrase; it got me thinking about how it translates to my own life.

I didn’t use to have a lot of space for compassion; it was too taken up with self-hatred, shame and fear. I couldn’t feel sorry for other people too deeply because I was too busy drowning in my self-pity. I used to wonder aloud if there was something wrong with me, a vital part missing that kept me held back and zipped into myself. Why couldn’t I feel that deep human connection without the rigid edges of anxiety?

When I began my sober journey, I felt a loosening inside of me. I had a little more room to breathe. In that breath, I began to find a more peaceful presence. From there, I was able to observe all the tightly wrung knots that were constricting my self-love and compassion. So, with care, I set about undoing those knots, one at a time. With each one, I felt a further loosening of my soul, I felt my spirit expand and my heart warm.

I’ve found more space for compassion; for myself and others. With each day of self-care and love, that space expands a little more. Another reason I am grateful to be on this journey.

2 thoughts on “Space for Compassion

  1. This is really beautiful, and resonates deeply with me! I’m at the beginning of learning to loosen those knots, which I used to just saturate in booze (irony that in real life, doesn’t liquid make knots even tighter? 🤔). Thanks for your words!

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