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Spookily Good Sober Fun

Ahh Halloween, the perfect excuse to get dressed up and black-out drunk. It’s scary how little of my past Halloweens I remember and even more terrifying to think what I drunken nightmare I would have been. I know that on more than one occasion I’ve cut people with my sharp words as I let buckets of poison course through my veins and blacken my soul. Sigh.

Me (right) and my bestie on a Halloween bender I cannot remember….

Of course, this Halloween has been different for many reasons; no trick or treaters, no house parties or fancy dress but mainly, no booze! Instead, I’ve had spookily good sober fun viewing a potential new home, pumpkin carving, and eating more M&Ms than I care to admit.

prepping the pumpkins while sipping on cola

Snug as a bug in my pjays, writing this blog as I sip on a cup of tea, I am once again so grateful to be on this sober-curious journey. The pumpkins are glowing, the doggo is snoozing and all is well.

Tomorrow, there will be no ghosts haunting me as I desperately try to recall the night, no face in the toilet or splitting head. Instead, just a warm cup of coffee and gleeful start to No Booze November.

Happy Halloween! 🧡

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