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Ten Days Teetotal: Back to double digits!

Today is a special day as it marks ten days teetotal: I’m back in the double digits! Yay! It feels amazing to be back here and I feel more confident than ever that I’ve made the right decision in ditching the booze for good.

It’s funny, I only drank a few times in the three weeks between the end of sober spring and my decision to live teetotal, but the effect it had on my mood was astounding. As I explained in Remembering Old Demons, I very quickly felt myself grow more weary, anxious and generally less happy. I’m delighted that this has quickly been reversed in my sobriety. I already feel lighter, brighter and full of joy. For me, that’s absolute proof that I and alcohol simply do not get along.

I’m really excited about my teetotal future. Making a decision that I know is wholeheartedly good for me has been so empowering. It’s an honour to feel in control of my life and to be exploring new ways to grow. Plus, I know from experience and the many things I’ve ready that sobriety is the gift that keeps on giving!

To anyone out there who is playing with the idea of trying life alcohol-free – you can do it! In my experience, it can be scary and difficult but it’s also wonderful in a million more ways than I could ever have imagined.

P.s to celebrate my mini double-digit milestone, I’ve given my blog a shiny new logo; I hope you all like it as much as I do!

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