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The Boozy Truth

On Thursday night I decided to have a drink. As those who regularly read my blog (love you guys) know, I’d been playing with the idea after completing Sober Spring. I’d never planned to give up alcohol for good, just to do the three-month challenge, so it seemed fitting I would drink again when summer began. I was also a little curious to see if my sabbatical from alcohol would have changed my relationship with it…

The Night  

The night itself was brilliant, I laughed until I couldn’t breathe and drank Peroni without feeling guilty. It didn’t make me angry or agitated as it has done in the past, and I genuinely enjoyed myself. Although in truth, I know it was being in great company that made me happy, not the booze.

The Morning 

Oh. My. Word. I think I’d forgotten how bad hangovers can be. I felt HORRENDOUS and it lasted the entire day. My eyes were heavy, I felt constantly sick and my brain refused to function. By the time I was able to drag my sorry self to bed, I was exhausted and desperate to no longer be conscious – I feeling I never had during Sober Spring.


Drinking is no longer for me. Having felt on top the world during Sober Spring and like I might drop dead at any moment yesterday, I know wholeheartedly that I’m not a drinker anymore. The night was brilliant, but it wasn’t worth the horrific hangover that followed.

I don’t feel bad for having had my boozy night, but I did also want to be honest about it. I know it’s something I needed to do on this personal journey and I’m grateful I did. Why? Because it’s quashed any curiosity I had about social drinking. It’s cemented everything I’ve learnt in the past three months and proved I hadn’t and won’t be missing out on anything. It’s given me confidence in my decision to stick with sobriety.

I’m going to refrain from saying “I’ll never drink again” because it was that kind of boxed in ideology that was bothering me at the end of Sober Spring. However, I will say that, right now, the booze-free is the life for me!

I’ve realised how much doing a sober challenge helps me so if anyone has any they can recommend, I’d be very grateful!  

7 thoughts on “The Boozy Truth

  1. I like the idea of solstice to solstice (it’s a few days off, but that doesn’t matter). I’m considering that one myself. I think it is good you had this experience. I can definitely relate, and not drinking is better, I agree. And not just because hangovers are the worst!

  2. I think it’s really good to come to our own realisations are own way so this is great! Good on you! I did Kate Bees Sober School – 6 weeks off with a daily exercise, reading etc – game changer for me 😘

    1. Thank you! I think I just needed to know for certain and now I”m glad I do. Thank you for the recommendation too – I’ll have a look into it! 💜

  3. This is great and fabulous it worked for you. One of the take home messages of this whole sobriety thing is that everyone’s journey is individual. We certainly all have similar emotions and the moderation game is probably not a possibility for most of us here, but how we achieve sobriety and maintain it is different for everyone. What works for some does not work for all. My fear in ‘trying’ alcohol again would be that my addiction to it would be triggered and even though it made me feel crappy and rubbish again, I’d start to crave it. Personally I can’t take that risk but I totally understand the need to dip a toe back in the water for some. I didn’t have a goal. I still don’t. I just decided to try not drinking because I’d read so much literature about the huge benefits people were experiencing. The better I felt, the less I wanted to go back to ‘life before booze’. I know some have followed ‘one year no beer’ and recommended that. Belle Robertson also has a 100 days sober challenge I think. She has some great recommendations and support. Claire xx

    1. Absolutely agree – it’s such a personal journey which is all about finding what works for you. I think the reasons I like having a goal is so I have a fall back to say to people, at least until I’m ready to go firm with the “I don’t drink” response. Thank you for the recommendations! 😊xx

      1. Think most people work better with a goal and one of the most important thing is to have something it say when people ask about it. I found all that questioning and opinions really tricky initially. Eventually people do get used to the fact that you just don’t drink and stop pestering you about it 😂😂. Hope you find a good goal … xx

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