gentle shift of sobriety
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The gentle shifts of sobriety

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face; it marked the start of another hangover-free Saturday. After stretching the sleepiness off and sipping on a coffee, I thought about how only a few weeks ago I’d fallen back into old patterns of drinking, partying and still being awake well after sunrise. I thought about the feelings of failure I felt, the soul-crushing anxiety and sense of loss that I’d seemingly moved backwards rather than forwards.

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I’m glad to say that sobriety has allowed for a gentle shift away from those negative, restrictive emotions. I didn’t choose sobriety then hey-presto, the anxiety evaporated (if only) but rather I slowly bobbed from one side of the emotional lake to the other. I had to go through the sadness and self-doubt to move forward. Now that I’m in a place of positivity, it feels like an old friend. I feel much more like the Paige I was in spring, who was enjoying a three-month sabbatical from alcohol, and it’s inspiring.

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That’s just one of the beauties of sobriety: it helps lift the fog and allows you to see the world in all it’s bright and beautiful glory. It helps you to stop fumbling in the dark, hoping your heading in the right direction, by clearly lighting the path for you.

It is an honour to feel this way again; I know how lucky I am to have found my way back here. It’s a delight to have reclaimed the morning and weekends. It’s a joy to keep exploring who I am in sobriety and exciting to plan where I’m headed.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone.

8 thoughts on “The gentle shifts of sobriety

  1. Right on right on, Paige! Your comment on “the soul-crushing anxiety” was definitely a major part of me going sober. That KNOWING that this isn’t right. This isn’t how I’m supposed to be living. So happy for you my friend. Enjoy the morning coffee – Enjoy the peace ✌️❤️😊

  2. So very happy you found your way back again. I can tell the Paige of the spring is back and it’s lovely to hear that in your words. Well done and enjoy 💕💕

  3. Fantastic, Paige! I can sometimes feel disappointed when changes don’t happen fast enough and fail to see how everything is still slowly moving in the right direction. It’s so great to appreciate the subtle shifts. Glad you are back!! ❤️

  4. Good for you Paige! My experience is so similar and you describe it perfectly – a lot of back and forth of feelings, drinking here and there, and finally settling into this comfort and calm of sobriety. I’m only a few weeks in but have been drinking less than ever and feeling great about it.

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