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Throwback Thursday: That Time in Mexico

It’s time for another trip down memory lane. Here is just one of the million times that booze blew up my inhibitions and left me to stew in the mess…

Urgh. I feel awful. Like I’ve eaten a mouthful of sand then banged my head against a wall until I passed out.

Where am I?

I lift my pounding head to take check of my surroundings. It appears that I am on the bathroom floor of the hotel room, in Mexico. As beautiful as this lavish bathroom is, there is really no excuse to be sleeping on the floor. Especially when my Mum is respectfully sleeping in her bed just outside.

Curse those damn Tequila Sunrises.

The mere thought off those deceitfully innocent-looking drinks makes me gag.

I begin to peel myself off the floor, desperately trying to remember how I got here and why. It’s no use. I was clearly backout drunk and my escapades will remain lost in a long-term memory that never got made. However, I have a suspicious feeling my mother will fill me in on the details when I finally find the courage to leave the bathroom-come-bedroom and face her.

I curse myself: who gets this sh*t faced on a wholesome family holiday? Why can I not learn to moderate myself?

Unable to answer these questions, I begin to wonder if I can somehow stay holed up in the bathroom for the remainder of the holiday. I play out various scenarios in my head but they pretty much all end with my Mum dragging me out kicking and screaming. I figure it’s more sensible to walk out myself. I’ve managed to create this nightmare-reality in one of the most beautiful places on earth, the least I can do is face it….

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