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Wholesome Fridays

Today, I turned down the offer of post-work drinks in favour of a stroll around the park with my furry friend in tow. As I breathed in the fresh crisp air and watched the world go by, I was overcome with a soul-deep sense of happiness.


I hadn’t given in to the “just one drink” ideology that I used to do. I know my weekend won’t be wasted at the bottom of a bottle. I don’t have to endure crippling hangovers that fill me with dread and regret. Tomorrow, I will wake up fresh and ready to make the most my Saturday. On Sunday, I can smile knowing that I’m breaking free from the toxic cycles I’ve long been stuck in.

I won’t kid myself that I’m completely free of my old habits. I know that I still have a long journey ahead of me before I can feel confident in my sustained sobriety. Some days will be easy, and others will be hard, but every day I make the decision not to drink is a day to celebrate, because not drinking makes me infinitely happier than any glass of wine ever could.

Here’s to a wholesome weekend!

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