Hello August
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Hello August

Hello August, I cannot believe you are here already, but I’m excited for what adventures you hold…

I always get excited for the start of a new month, (I’m bloody ecstatic about the start of a new year) as it feels like a mini renewal. For me, it’s the perfect time to take a moment to reset, refresh and set some kick-ass goals. Time to take all that was learnt in the month previous and build that it.

The biggest lesson learnt in July is that I am happier when I am teetotal. What a beautiful, exciting and slight nerve-racking realisation to have had! So, for me, August is about taking that lesson and using it to bring more joy into my life. I want to dig further into my sobriety and see what new things I can achieve with this newfound freedom.

My top four goals for August are:

  1. Rock teetotalism like a badass
  2. Create amazing content for this blog
  3. Practice self-love through daily exercise and healthy food
  4. Complete the 30 Day Miracle Morning challenge (starting tomorrow)

Has anyone else set themselves goals for this month? If so, I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Hello August

  1. Ooooo I hope I am saying the same as you in a month – because I’ve decided to move up my start date to today. So my main goal for August is to stay sober. And make the most of the rest of summer because next month brings trying to do distance learning with three children gawwwwwd help me I am not cut out for this. But it will be a helluva lot easier when I’m not hungover!

    1. I’m so excited for you to start your journey! Honestly, it is so, so worth it. You totally god this🙌 p.s good look with the distance learning, you’re braver than me haha!

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